2011 ShAFF Winners Announced

4th Mar 2011



Best Film - The Swiss Machine - featuring Ueli Steck (Sender Films)

Stunning aerial footage of Ueli Steck's record-breaking speed ascents in the Alps. THE SWISS MACHINE charts the amazing feats of perhaps the greatest speed alpinist the world has ever seen. Ueli literally races up 8,000 foot mountains doing in hours what other mountaineers take days to achieve.

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is also proud to announce two new categories of award - the Steve Peat Best Biking Film and the Hammer Design Best Artistic Film.

The Steve Peat Best Bike Film award is named in honour of Sheffield’s downhill mountain bike champion and sponsored by the Sheffield branch of the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative.

Festival organiser, Matt Heason, says:  “The judges [climber Lucy Creamer; adventure sports writer Nik Cook; and photographer and designer Si Homfray] and I have been blown away this year by the quality and quantity of great bike films.  And also by the buzz in the biking community in Sheffield about the festival.  We’ve had an expert night with former Olympic cyclist Nick Craig; we’re putting on two special bike film screenings and the exclusive showing of Alex Rankin’s iconic mountain bike series ‘Sprung & Earthed’ followed by a Steve Peat Q&A has sold out twice over.  This new award is in recognition of the ever increasing popularity of the sport of mountain-biking.”

Steve Peat says:  “It’s a real honour to have an award in my name.  Sheffield was where I learnt to bike and I hope these films will inspire a new generation of cyclists.”

Steve Peat is presenting Sheffield’s first official mini-downhill mountain bike race on Saturday in aid of the Grenowoods appeal.  The Steel City Mini DH is Organised by This Is Sheffield.

Judge, photographer & designer, Si Homfray, who heads up the Hathersage based web design team, Hammer Design (sponsors of the new Best Artistic Film award) says:  “The field of films this year is tremendously strong.  I’m proud to sponsor a new award which reflects the amazing creativity of so many of this year’s entries.” 



Best Film

Winner – The Swiss Machine (Sender Films)

Commendations – Eastern Rises (Felt Soul Media) & Salt (Jerrycan Films)

Sponsored by Jagged Globe

Judge Lucy Creamer says:  “With the incredibly high standards of this years entrants we had a task on our hands choosing the winners, many categories were closely fought. But the best film didn't need too much discussion as The Swiss Machine really did stand out for many reasons. Quality photography combined with a great score and of course the understated star, Ueli Steck. This film has you gripping your seat, even if you know the outcome. To capture these ascents on film is truly amazing. Watch and cry!”

Best Film details & trailers:





The Steve Peat Award For The Best Bike Film (a new award for 2011)

Winner – Race Across The Sky(Citizen Pictures)

Commendations – Way Back Home (Dave Sowerby) & Here We Go Again (DH Productions LLC)

Sponsored by Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Judge Nik Cook says:  “One of the most iconic cross-country mountain bike races in the world, a duel between the home-grown hero and the world’s most famous cyclist, Race Across the Sky is an epic in the true sense of the word.  The sheer number of YouTube hits for Way Back Home speaks volumes and Danny’s bike skills are mind-blowing.  Fusing music and biking, Way Back Home is downhill jumps and biking thrills at their best.” 

Best Bike film details & trailers:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj6ho1-G6tw (Way Back Home)



Best Climbing Film

Winner – The Prophet(Alastair Lee, Posing Productions)

Commendations – Tuzgle (Baraka Films) & Crackoholic (A High & Low/Plonk Entertainment Production)

Sponsored by UKClimbing

Judge  Lucy Creamer says:  “Al Lee and Leo Houlding are no strangers to winning awards, so why break the habit of a lifetime. The Prophet has a great behind the scenes story of human endeavour and what it takes to make these ground breaking routes become reality; combined with great climbing footage. Prepare to be inspired.”

Best Climbing film details & trailers:





Best Adrenaline Film

Winner – Dream Result(Rush Sturges and Tyler Bradt)

Commendations – Last Paradise (Clive Neeson) & Halo Effect (Fish Munga)

Sponsored by Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Judge  Lucy Creamer says:  “A very competitive category this year with great variety but was dominated by the kayakers. Dream Result hopefully won't inspire you to throw yourself down a giant waterfall but the passion and joy these hardcore guys get from their sport is evident and contagious.”

Best Adrenaline Film details and trailers:





Best Spirit Of Adventure Film

Winner – Baffin Babes(Kristin Folsland Olsen)

Commendations – Mazungu (Phil Harwood) & The Giant Of The South (Marcus Taylor)

Sponsored by Hammer Design

Judge Si Homfray says: “The Spirit of Adventure category does what it says on the tin, it is all about the adventure, the heart and soul of getting out there and getting to grips with the challenges of where man meets nature. In Baffin Babes, it's where woman meets nature and beautifully does it too. We felt that this film had just that and then some.  And if you’ve read Heart Of Darkness, Blood River or The Poisonwood Bible you’ll know just what a nuts, gnarly and insane trip Phil Harwood undertook canoeing solo down the mighty Congo in Mazungu.”

Best Spirit of Adventure Film details & trailers:





Best Cultural Film

Winner – Skatiestan(Grain Media)

Commendations – A Life Ascending (Stephen Grynberg) & Indulgence – 1,000 Miles Under A Colorado Sky (Negative Split Pictures)

Sponsored by Sheffield Telegraph

Judge  Nik Cook: “Skatiestan is an inspiring example of how sport can bring hope to even the most devastated communities.  A Life Ascending shows how one man and his family immerse themselves in the culture of the mountains and embrace it in spite of its dangers.  Indulgence gives a thought-provoking insight into the ethos of ultra-distance running and why some people choose to push themselves to the limit.”

Best Cultural film details & trailers:





Best Artistic Film (a new award for 2011)

Winner – Salt (Jerrycan Films)
Commendations – Chimaera (Sherpas Cinema) & Lifecycles (Stance Films)

Sponsored by Hammer Design

Judge Si Homfrey:  “Salt certainly had an impact on the judges. We all felt it was worthy of an award, so we had to create one. It is worth it. It’s more than one man’s photographic journey to the deserted salt pans of central Australia, it’s beautiful, moving, honest and a work of art. Enjoy!”

Best Artistic Film details & trailers





Best Short Film

Winner – Dark Side Of The Lens(Mickey Smith, Relentless Energy)

Commendations – Way Back Home (Dave Sowerby) & Wild Swim (Kate Rew)

Sponsored by Jagged Globe

Judge Nik Cook says:  “The short film category was one of the strongest this year.  But Dark Side of the Lens was a unanimous choice.  As well as being visually stunning, the thought-provoking narrative on the film-maker’s choice of lifestyle inspired and resonated with us all.  The sheer number of YouTube hits for Way Back Home speaks volumes and Danny’s bike skills are mind-blowing.  Wild Swim’s footage of Kate Rew outdoor swimming in The Lakes is a real change of pace.  Beautiful & understated film-making, it’s one of the few films of a sport in a location anyone can go and experience.” 

Best Short film details & trailers:




Notes to Editors:





Details of ShAFF film judges:

Lucy Creamer.Lucy is the UK's top female climber and has been for a long time. She has achieved more "firsts" than any other female climber. She is seven times British champion. She's spent a great deal of time behind the lens so is no stranger to critiquing films. More info on Lucy on her website.

Nik Cook.Nik is a competitive runner / biker. He is also a freelance writer specialising in health/fitness & adventure sports/travel. Nik's a regular contributor to numerous specialist magazines including 220 Triathlon, Cycling Plus, Trek & Mountain and is features editor of Ultra Fit. He writes for Derbyshire Life. He's also written for national newspapers including The Times, The Financial Times & The Daily Mail. More info on Nik on his website

Si Homfray. Si is a professional designer and photographer with a passion for the outdoors.  He heads up Hammer Design, the Peak District website design team based in Hathersage.   More info on Si on his websites. Hammer Design, (www.hammerdesign.co.uk) homfray (www.homfray.co.uk)  and Living Art (www.living-art.org.uk)