ShAFF, Neil Donaghue, Factory Jackson

7th Mar 2011

I went up to SHAFF at the weekend to watch the Progression film, a sort of best of the Sprung and Earthed video series’, which was hosted by Alex Rankin and Steve Peat.
It was good to see the old footage on the big screen and i have to say the early Sprung stuff looks pretty dated now! But looking back to when peaty was on GT and the Nico days it is crazy how fast it was even back then. Pushing the limits on bikes that lets face it- were crap.
Anyway, it was a good night. The film was concluded with a Q and A with Peaty and Warner and seemed to go down well. It was very funny, you have got to Warner credit, he has got the gift of the gab. Although he did tell me he was hammered before he went up on the stage.
I met a few cool people, a young guy called Sam Davies who shot at the BDS this year and had some really good shots he had entered into a competition that was held after the Rankin film. I was impressed but i think the judges who were all climbers were biased and i think he got a bit overlooked by their narrow minded outdoorsy, artsy shit that he was up against.
The night finished with a few beers in the bar at the cinema and it was good catching up with the crew. I cant wait to hit a few races this year and have a laugh.