ShAFF Weekend & Award Winners, Rare Breed Sports

7th Mar 2011

ShAFF is all about Films and without a doubt manages to pull together the best line up of adventure films over a single weekend.  RB took a trip from London to Sheffield this weekend to check it out and we weren’t disappointed.

The event is held at The Showroom Cinema which is the biggest independent cinema outside of London, recently voted best cultural venue in the region.  It was the ideal setting for what proved to be a drive well worthy of the 7 hour round trip.  The cinema had plenty of character and was buzzing inside with all types of characters from adventure and explorer types to adrenalin junkies.

The weekend consisted of over 60 films being shown throughout the weekend.  Films, talks and expert lectures are all broken down into themed sessions and screening times to maximise your experience.  Unfortunately we didn’t have too long until we had to head back but we still managed to get in 4 hours of short films, a beer and burger.

Dark Side of the Lens, Skatiestan, Last Paradise and Into the Darkness were our favorites of the day, truly awesome and inspiring films.  However all the films showed people literally putting their life’s on the line to discover something new and get the biggest natural high the world can offer.  We witnessed their passion and drive in conquering fears and hardship to do what they loved most.

Apparently 100% of the people that go to ShAFF say they’ll come back the following year – well we’ll be back next year for sure!!  Read more & watch winning trailers on Rare Breed Sports