Feedback Prizes Announced

29th Mar 2011

At ShAFF we ran a prize draw if you filled in a feedback form and we have just drawn the prizes as follows:

Laurie Kearsey wins a Vango Vitesse Tent

Mark Havenhand wins an Assynt Panoramic Print from the John Muir Trust

Lue Dixon, Daniel Padfield and Sarah Clough win Mammut Ophir Harnesses

and Robert Coombs wins a free consultation at Hallamshire Physiotherapy

All winners have been contacted directly via email. If you are on the list and have not received an email by the end of today please let us know.

We got some really useful and encouraging feedback via the forms so would like to thank everybody who filled one in, and also the sponsors for giving the prizes. Roll on next year.

If you didn't fill in a feedback form on the day please feel free to send us your thoughts anyway. We don't have any prizes left, but will be pleased to hear from you anyway.