ShAFF Climbing Expert Night Review - Women’s Climbing Symposium

8th Feb 2013

A few months ago  watched this video by local filmmakers Outcrop Films. It piqued my interest. I’d heard of the Women’s Climbing Symposium before, and was aware that it had run for a second successive year – always a sure sign that an event has some mileage if it makes it past year 1!. The video was well worth the watch and at the end of it, just as I was thinking ‘hey, I wonder if they would come to Sheffield’, Steph Meysner, the organiser, popped up on film and said that they were considering some road shows. I was on the phone shortly thereafter inviting them along to this year’s ShAFF Climbing Expert Night. Steph was very receptive, and rounded up a sterling line-up of speakers and the event happened last night.

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