Dervla Murphy

21st Sep 2016

TIME: 7.30PM

DATE: wed SEP 21st 2016



MAIN SPEAKER - Dervla Murphy

Dervla and Wurzel, 2011, Paddy Barker, The Irish  Examiner


Dervla’s Murphy’s first book – Full Tilt: From Ireland to India with a Bicycle – was published in 1965. Since that cycling trip through Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indian over 50 years ago, Dervla has authored more than 20 titles, achieving worldwide praise and numerous awards. Now in her eighties, she continues to travel the world, with her most recent book – Between River and Sea: Encounters in Israel and Palestine – published in 2015. An inspiration to many of today’s adventurers, Dervla remains passionate about politics, conservation, bicycling and beer.

Dervla will be interviewed about her life as a world touring cyclist, adventurer and author by Claire Carter, co-director of award winning documentary film Operation Moffat. 

Dervla has written more than 20 books.

UPDATE: Sadly Dervla Murphy has had to cancel all her public engagements at very short notice. She is 85, and has a disintegrating spine, and is on new doctors orders. BAF has managed to get permission to screen a brand new film about Dervla entitled "Who Is Dervla Murphy?" and will follow the film with a live Q&A with Dervla from her home in Ireland. The evening will also feature a talk and images from Claire Carter, and an amazing audio visual montage and intro  and Q&A with wild swimming photographer Vivienne Rickman-Poole. 



FILM - come on eileen (20mins)

The remarkable story of Eileen Sheridan, one of Britain's greatest ever cyclists, who defied the odds to become a pro-cyclist in the 1950s, setting records that would stand for decades.  Eileen, now aged 90, gives a first hand account of her astonishing career, from early Coventry Touring Club days to her famous endurance rides as a professional.

Rarely seen archive is combined with dramatic reconstruction to recreate her epic 1954 ride from Lands End to John O'Groats, a journey that pushed her to her absolute limits.  With narration by comedian Josie Long.

Winner of best cycling film at ShAFF 2015 and got a silver award for the category "women in adventure".


AUDIOVISUAL - vivienne rickman-poole

Feeling clumsy and a tad uncoordinated

The Lakes of Snowdonia have come to play a big part of Vivienne Rickman-Poole’s life. A self proclaimed obsessive swimmer, she swims all year round, come rain, shine, snow or even ice!  "I crave the changing seasons on my skin and to feel the huge, massive expanses of deep, dark, nothingness below the surface. To be totally alone out in the middle of the lake, kicking back looking up at the mountains is a truly selfish indulgence."

I am unconcerned with distance, time and temperatures, I am fuelled by self possession, longing, indulgence and obsession... interested in equal measure by discovery, creativity and activity.

Vivienne’s adventures and photography have caught the attention of both local, National and International press. Recently featured in Oh Comely magazine as an inspiring Outdoors Woman and her photography featuring in the Guardian’s ’The Big PIcture'. She has narrated a 5 min documentary for BBC One Countryfile, and was the subject of a documentary film for Elbow’s single Real Life (Angel) from their Number one album ‘The Take of and Landing of Everything’.

Elbow Real Life (Angel) video

Afterglow (short film where Vivienne talks about her passion for swimming and photography)