Andy Kirkpatrick & Mike Howarth

18th May 2016


TIME: 7.30PM

DATE: WED MAY 18TH 2016 (note that this was originally scheduled for 23r march but had to be changed in jan)





A unique story teller and comedian, described as being the “The Ranulph Fiennes of British Climbing" - by the Today Program - Andy Kirkpatrick has climbed in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, from Greenland to Alaska, Patagonia to Antarctica. In this new tour we begin where his last finished, arriving in Antarctica with the task of guiding a group of BASE jumpers to the top of one of the'hardest mountains in the world.

Andy Kirkpatrick 670

Support Speaker - mike howarth


In 2014 Mike pedalled north from South America's southernmost city Usuhaia weaving together a series of dirt roads, historic trails and singletrack to arrive in the Colombian capital of Bogota 16 months later. In search of the path less travelled Mike will take you on a journey through the South American continent sharing his beautiful photography and love of high Andean passes, along with the many of the highs and lows of his trip.


Film - X-Box to ice

Andy Kirkpatrick takes his two children to Norway to retrace the footsteps of the heroes of Telemark. Ella (15) and Ewen (12)  join their Father in the spirit of the 60 mile trek of the World War II heroes, who skied across the ice in order to destroy a crucial component of the Nazi nuclear weapons programme in Norway. The narrative is supported by two main themes. One is the historical re-telling of the Heroes of Telemark. The other is Andy's belief that risk is a necessary part of any kid's upbringing.

Audiovisual - andy kirkpatrick

A 5 minute selection of Andy's best photos will be played set to some of his favourite music.