Jamie Andrew & Ness Knight

17th Jan 2018

MOUNTAINS OF ADVERSITY                                                                                                                                      

TIME: 7.30PM



TICKETS: £17.50 / £12.50 CONCESSIONS




Jamie Andrew’s story is quite simply one of the most gripping and inspiring you will encounter.

In January 1999 mountaineer Jamie Andrew and a climbing partner were trapped for five nights on the storm bound icy summit of a French mountain.  The rescue, which was one of the most dramatic in the history of the Alps, came only hours too late to save his partner. Jamie, despite suffering hypothermia and appalling frostbite, survived.  Days later all four of his hands and feet were amputated.

For many this fate would have meant the end of all hope, but not for Jamie.  Since losing his hands and feet Jamie has achieved some incredible feats.  He has learned to walk again, taken up skiing, run marathons and iron-man triathlons, and remarkably, returned to climb once more in the mountains that he loves so much.

In August 2016 he made history by becoming the first quadruple amputee to climb The Matterhorn.

Jamie’s story, recounted with honesty and passion, is nothing short of incredible.

SUPPORT SPEAKER - ness knight

Ness knight is an Explorer as well as conservation and wildlife enthusiast who has completed a diverse collection of expeditions around the globe. The record breaking explorer has stand up paddleboarded 1000 miles, cycled across the USA solo, became the first female in history to swim the Thames River, ran 15 marathons in 15 days and cycled across Bolivia with no money. Last year she explored the Namib Desert solo, traversing through stunning, arid and inhospitable lands in the remotest Northern regions. Next she will be attempting to become the first female in history to row across the Pacific Ocean solo, non-stop and unassisted. Ness' greatest passion lies in exploration in some of the world’s most unusual and extreme locations. She is fascinated by wildlife, unique cultures and ways of life, and getting to understand how communities survive and thrive in extreme environments. Ness' great love is for storytelling and documentaries, taking people with her on journeys to explore the far reaches of our planet Earth.

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