Review of Janapar, The Outdoor Times

2nd Apr 2013

Every time you feel like crap, or overwhelmed, or lost, put this film in your DVD player and disappear into another world.  Let someone else show you that there is no need for all those worries that you are carrying on your back.  Go out and do that thing that’s on your bucket list for the faraway future.  Do it now, and everything else will make its way to you the moment you stop searching.  "I love how this life changes people." - Tom Allen.  The quote at the heart of it all.  Read the rest of the review on The Outdoor Times...

(PS I recently read the book Tom Allen's written and it's outstanding.  I adored the film and wondered if it would be worth reading his story as well having watched it but it adds a whole other dimension.  Click here to buy the book & DVD