Valhalla is 'original and beautiful', The Outdoor Times

8th Oct 2013

OutdoorTimeslogo2_3 'ValhallA' Review, The Outdoor Times


Tony O'Donnell, editor of The Outdoor Times took a sneak peek ahead of our screening of one of the autumn's most eagerly anticipated adventure sports films:  "Valhalla isn’t so much a film about skiing as a film with skiing in it.  It’s an action film, and it’s a love story...a bold, pioneering film.  The powder porn is present and correct, of course, and aficionados will be well pleased with that facet of Valhalla, but there is much else to enjoy in this thoughtful, original and beautiful film.  If there is a bar to be raised in the genre of ski film, it is now that bit higher."  Read more...


Valhalla will screen as part of Jason Lewis's session at 8pm on Sunday 3rd November at BAF