Festival At A Glance


Saturday 2nd November







Danny Butler BAF - Version 2

Chris Townsend 125

BMG 125

Juliana Buhring 125

Annie Last 125

Young adventurers extreme mountain biking & 10 short films​

Long distance walker chris townsend & 'crossing the ice'

British mountain guides expert panel & 'this is my winter'​

Round-the-world cyclist juliana buhring & 'kadoma'

Olympic 2012 mountain biker annie last & 'not bad' + 'arrival'



Sunday 3rd November







Dave Cornthwaite 125

Heather Dawe 125

Jez Bragg 125

Rosie Swale Pope 125

Jason Lewis 125

Young adventurers dave cornthwaite + 10 short films

Ultra runner, cyclist & climber heather dawe & 'the dragon's back'

Running the length of new zealand jez bragg & 'the road from karakol' + 'the journey'

World's longest unsupported run rosie swale-pope & 'the penguin runner' + 'celtman'


Round the world by human power, jason lewis & 'valhalla'


New For 2013 - All Weekend
' Adventure Bites ' Loop



An hour-long, family friendly loop of 10 action-packed, short adventure sports films showing all day Saturday and Sunday. 

SIlentDisco_headphones Screening in 93 seater Studio Theatre next to Main Theatre in the Pavilion Arts Centre with individual wireless headphones, you are guaranteed a great audio-visual experience and you can turn up at any point without disturbing anyone else's enjoyment.

A ticket gains you entry once, but you can stay as long as you like. If you arrive part way through the loop you can simply watch until the loop finishes and continue watching the next loop until you catch up!  Simple!


Each main speaker session will be followed by a film programme, incl in the ticket price (£10 adults / £5 children or students).  Adventure Bites loops are £4 for adults, £2 for children/students.

Background photo credit:  British Cycling