Review: Andy Kirkpatrick at ShAFF 2011

14th Mar 2011

Nichola Underdown reviews Andy Kirkpatrick's new lecture at ShAFF 2011:

Andy Kirkpatrick is a man with a reputation. Metro newspaper said that his first book, Psychovertical, “made Ray Mears look like Paris Hilton”, not that I think Andy was competing with Ray in the shorts-wearing stick-whittling stakes. He’s happy to declare himself “Hull’s second best climber” (and I’m hoping Gareth will fill me in on who’s best). But Andy’s really known as a man who can convey the magnitude of the challenges he takes on, whilst never losing sight of the humour of whatever situation he finds himself in. So when I discovered that Andy would be speaking at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, introducing his new book ‘Cold Wars’, I jumped at the chance to go, and to take some non-climber friends along too.

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