Microadventure pioneer at the Buxton Adventure Festival

11th Jan 2016

NATIONAL Geographic Adventurer of the Year and “microadventure” pioneer Alastair Humphreys will take to the stage at the Buxton Adventure Festival this month.

He will share his experiences from cycling round the world, rowing across the Atlantic, and walking the thousand-mile Empty Quarter. Alastair will also talk about finding adventure closer to home with his “microadventure” initiative.

He says: “A microadventure is an adventure that is close to home, cheap, simple, short, and yet very effective. It’s a weekend away or even a midweek escape from the office.

“I grew up reading books about people doing great expeditions around the world and I had it in my head that adventure equalled somewhere far, far away from Britain.

“It was a real conscious effort to start discovering my own country, such as the beautiful bits that are quite small and not very far from a city.”

Alastair’s talk will take place at the Buxton Opera House’s Pavilion Arts Centre, in the heart of the Peak District, at 7:30pm, Thursday, 21st January 2016.

He will be joined by blind adrenaline junkie Dean Dunbar. Dean has set almost 20 world firsts through 80 daring challenges around the globe since 1998, claiming his limited sight only makes it more exciting.

The evening of adventurous entertainment will also include an exclusive film showing of Alastair’s 1,000-mile trek “Into The Empty Quarter”, a journey across the largest sand desert in the world, as well as an audiovisual presentation from highly acclaimed mountaineer Ian Parnell.

Matt Heason, Buxton Adventure Festival Director, says: “I am very excited to hear Al’s talk after reading his excellent three-part book series: The Boy Who Biked The World. Following his global adventures, Al is now advocating making the most of what we have at home, here in the UK and especially around the Peak District. Adventures are around every corner and Al will show you how to find them with his talk on 21st January.”

He added: “Al’s talk is part of a series of mini-festivals taking place throughout 2016 – the new format Buxton Adventure Festival. We wanted to give each of our speakers deserved headline slots and provide more opportunities for people to attend; there is something for everyone, including renowned speakers from the adventurous worlds of mountaineering, running, cycling, climbing and more.”

The Buxton Adventure Festival is supported by University of Derby, Buxton Advertiser, Buxton Opera House, The Old Hall Hotel, Go Ape, Sherpa Adventure Gear, Heason Events and Challenge Cancer.

Further Buxton Adventure Festival events will be running throughout 2016. Visit the What's On section of the website for information.

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