UPDATE: Dervla Murphy - 21 Sept

19th Sep 2016

Dervla and Wurzel, 2011, Paddy Barker, The Irish Examiner

Over the weekend, we received the disappointing news that Dervla, who is 85 years old and has a disintegrating spine, will not be able to make it in person to her interview on Wednesday night. Her doctor has put her on some new medication and ordered her not to travel for the foreseeable future. Dervla, her publishers, her agent, and we, are all absolutely gutted, as we are sure you will be too.

However, we have what we think and hope is a good solution.

Coincidentally, earlier this year, a film was made about Dervla called "Who Is Dervla Murphy?". It's an hour long, and has not been widely released. We have managed to get permission to screen the film on Wednesday night. It's a lovely film and paints a great picture of a great woman. In addition, we have tested the equipment and will run a live Q&A with Dervla over Skype after the film has screened. 

Of course, Claire Carter will still give her talk, and we are delighted that Vivienne Rickman-Poole will be at the event to present and answer questions about her audio-visual wild swimming montage. 

We are genuinely sorry that Dervla can't make it on Wednesday, but have done everything that we can to make sure that the event is as entertaining and authentic as possible. If you would prefer not to come, then you are perfectly entitled to a refund, but we urge you to support BAF and it contributors and come along for Claire, Vivienne, a cracking film, and a live Q&A with Dervla to finish up.