30th Jan 2012

We've been pretty blown away by a couple of emails that we've received in the last week. One from somebody in the States asking which airport we recommend flying into, and one from Sweden from two guys asking some questions about the programme as they are planning a trip over. We obviously replied to each one and offered as much information as we could, and will do for anybody else who gets in touch. However it occurred to us that it might be worth putting up a page on the website where people can post questions and share info. Let's face it, if you are travelling over from the States then it woudl be great if you knew that there were like-minded individuals who you can hook up with for a beer, a climb or a walk in the Peak District whilst you are here. For the time being you'll have to do this via the Comments function on this page. If it proves popular then we'll integrate it fully into the website. You could of course use the Facebook page instead.

You could also use it for arranging lift shares.