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9th Oct 2013

"Adventure is out there.  You've just got to find it."
Amy Meek, age 7.

We're delighted the Meek family - Dotrythisathome.com - will be joining adventurer Dave Cornthwaite at our Derbyshire Young Adventurer of the Year Awards Night at the University of Derby's Oaklands Manor Outdoor Leadership Centre in Buxton on Friday 1 November.

Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella are all members of the Meek family - a normal everyday family. Neither Tim nor Kerry come from adventurous backgrounds but have made an effort to instill an adventurous spirit in their children from a young age.

Their talk will focus on their latest project: to compile 100 family adventures . This list of simple, relatively cheap "adventures" aims to get families outside, in all weathers, trying new ideas, possibly out of their comfort zone.

Meeksmothers day

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Find out more and nominate your Young Adventurer of the Year

Note - the awards evening ceremony event is invitation only.  If you are nominating yourself please pencil the date of the Awards Ceremony (Nov 1st 6pm-8pm) into your diary as you may well be invited to come along (with friends and / or family members). If you are nominating somebody else please let them know to do likewise. Invites will be sent on Oct 26th.



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