ShAFF Ski & Board Screening, Whitelines

18th Jan 2011

ShAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival) are treating us ski and snowboarders bigtime this year, with a Ski and Board special screening on the 4th March 2011. ShAFF is now a major UK adventure film festival, showcasing a record-breaking 200+ films this year, and we get our own category. Get in!

The event will be held at Sheffield’s art-deco Showroom cinema, premiering Chimaera, the film featuring a 1000 fps camera; Hack your Shackles, Cross-Country Snowboarding; Airblaster; Home Swiss Home and Standard Film‘s anticipated The Storming, showing off big names like Torstein Horgmo, Lonnie Kauk, Sammy Luebke and more. The trailer for the festival is awesome, by a guy called Al Lee of Posing Productions.

The event will also feature live music, art and expert lectures for the more intellectual of us. We’re pretty stoked about this – it should be a wicked weekend.