2nd Hand Kit Sale Sellers Sought

17th Jan 2012

Organisers at this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival are looking for sellers for this year's popular 2nd hand kit sale, sponsored by MyOutdoors.  With money tight there's never been a better time to set that unused kit gathering dust in the wardrobe free, finding it a new home where it will be used and appreciated while picking up a healthy wedge of cah in return.

Traditionally the kit sale has been an ideal opportunity for sponsored athletes, instructors and outdoor centres to redistribute some of their unused kit, but it's by no means exclusive to the professionals. If you've got a rucksack full of kit you want to sell then this is your chance; with a captive audience of hundereds of dedicated outdoors fans on hand throughout the weekend. What's more you don't even need to be there as a team of ShAFF and MyOutdoors volunteers will be on hand to sell for you!

Running throughout the Saturday and Sunday in Showroom 5 we'll have a dozen tables available for sellers, with a couple of those reserved for athletes who are away exploring in foreign lands and a choice of options available. You can either see it as a rucksack sized car boot sale and man the table yourself or drop the kit off in advanced, price and item tagged, and let our team of volunteers sell it on for you while you take in the awesome array of films and speakers. If you're prepared to run your own stall you can book a table for one or both days for a small fee (yet to be set) while if you prefer us to sell for you it's a flat rate of 15%.

If you're planning on us selling for you there's a few basic rules:

• All kit for sale needs to be clearly labelled with your name, item description and price
• We need a list of all your kit with the same details of item description and price - don't forget not everyone is a climber and if a label gets lost we need a backup to consult so we can re-label it.
• We need kit dropping off with us in advance as we're going to be busy selling on the day. We'll be around on the Friday for drop offs and if you arrange it in advance can take items up until 10am on the Saturday morning.
• You'll need to make arrangements to collect unsold kit at the end of the event, or make arrangements for its return.
• All monies will be calculated and passed on at the end of the event.

Re-selling your unused kit is not only good for your pocket but it's good for the environment and a great way to reuse and recycle - a philosophy endorsed by the Outdoor Industries Association and top companies like Rohan and Patagonia.