ShAFF 2011 film reviews with judge Nik Cook, Freecaster TV

3rd Mar 2011


What is an ‘Adventure Film’? Is it simply a case of sticking a head-camera on some ‘gnarly’ and ‘rad’ dudes chucking themselves off a drop or over a jump and laying a thumping soundtrack over the top? When Matt Heason asked to judges this year’s Sheffield Adventure Film Festival I braced myself, but was delighted to discover a far more diverse, challenging and entertaining collection of films.

I’ve learned that adventure films aren’t just about action, adrenaline and extreme sports (though there are plenty of these at ShAFF!). The hand-picked selection at ShAFF is filled with stunning landscapes, remarkable stories and human relationships. One of my personal favourites is a gently humorous, introspective tale of a fishing trip. This is my lowdown on the films I think everyone will enjoy.  Read the rest on Freecaster tv